A couple of weeks ago, the Texas BBQ Posse headed to east Texas in search of the best BBQ in the area. Posse founding member Gary Jacobson will once again be writing a story on the road trip for The Dallas Morning News, but you can click here for a sneak peek at the slideshow from our journey to the piney woods. We’ll let you know when the story is published in two weeks or so.

The posse was made up of three of our members from the central Texas tour and five newbies. My dad James Wilkins, a Tyler artist, and Nick Pencis, pitmaster and owner of Stanley’s joined us for part of the trip. Posse members in the photo below, from left to right, are Chris Wilkins, Gary Jacobson, Jon Wilkins, Marty Melendy, Michael Hamtil, David Guzman, David Woo and Guy Reynolds.

(Photos by Guy Reynolds)

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7 years ago

I'm looking forward to many future posts highlighting high-quality 'que all across our great land!
But, as for the subtitle, "greatest state of the union" sounds awkward; "greatest state in the union" sounds less so.

Chris Wilkins

7 years ago

Thanks Gunnar, your wish is our command!

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