We all know how controversial picking a “best of barbecue” list can be. Surf a few BBQ blogs in the Lone Star State and you’ll be entertained for hours. Outside of religion and football, it’s a close third for spirited and emotional discussion, to say the least. Folks in Texas take their BBQ very, very seriously.

That being said, the Texas BBQ Posse is publishing our “2010 Best in Texas BBQ” picks.

Disclaimer: We have not gone to every joint in Texas, that would take years. Thanks to our friend Daniel Vaughn and his Full Custom Gospel BBQ blog, we were able to narrow down the places we visited around the state over the past year. We are swimming in your wake Daniel and thank you so much for blazing the trail of Texas BBQ for us and thousands of others.

We have not gone to Houston, that will come in 2011, but we stand by our picks as representing some of the best BBQ you will ever eat, not just in Texas but in the entire country.

Here’s the Texas BBQ Posse’s list for “2010 Best in Texas BBQ”:

Best Brisket: Franklin BBQ, Austin. “Neck and neck with Snow’s on taste and tenderness but Franklin’s crusty crust makes the difference.”
Best Ribs – pork: Kreuz Market, Lockhart. “A little spice makes these stand out from the rest.”
Best Ribs – beef: Louie Mueller Barbecue, Taylor. “No contest, it’s like a pot roast on a stick.”
Best Sausage: Longoria’s BBQ, Everman. “Longoria’s brisket sausage, very unusual and very tasty.”
Best Pork – pulled or other: Snow’s BBQ, Lexington. “The pork might be the best thing on their menu.”
Best Turkey: Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Q, Tyler. “Listen to the recommendations of the locals.”
Best Chicken: Off the Bone, Fort Worth. “It was just the right texture and smoky flavor, and not the least bit dry….which is ordinarily the characteristic I note with chicken.”
Best service: Loco Coyote Cafe, Glen Rose. “Our waiter steered us toward some great ribs and made sure our beer bucket was always full.
Best BBQ Joint-DFW: Baby Back Shak, Dallas. “It’s a totally cool joint with great service and prices, also the best ribs in DFW.”
Best BBQ Joint-Texas: Snow’s BBQ, Lexington. “Smelling the sweet burning oak while sitting outdoors under the old original tin metal shed brings the entire BBQ experience to life. You can watch a couple of true pit masters practice their craft every Saturday morning, that’s as good as it gets on the Texas BBQ trail.”

Now that we’ve let you know what the Posse thinks, let us know your favorites. You can comment on our blog or on the Posse facebook page. On behalf of the Texas BBQ Posse, thanks for your support over the past year and always remember, “Let the meat speak for itself!”

Photos by Tom Fox-Loco Coyote, Chris Wilkins-Snow’s BBQ & Gary Barber-Louie Mueller BBQ, top to bottom

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7 years ago

My family and I are coming into town for the weekend, we are looking to eat some authentic BBQ, Where do we go. We are staying in Downtown Dallas, and we are willing to drive 20 – 25 mins to get our hands on it if we have to. PLEASE HELP!

I have been hearing "Pecan Lodge" in Dallas, whats the low down on overall great bbq

Chris Wilkins

7 years ago

Hi Matthew: Here's the skinny for you, within 20-30 minutes from downtown.

1. Baby Back Shak: It's the official home of the Texas BBQ Posse, cool joint just south of downtown. Good variety of meats & sides, great service too.

2. Pecan Lodge: Best brisket in Dallas, it's in the Farmer's Market downtown so not quite like a restaurant, but the food is great.

3. Randy's BBQ (Red Oak): 25 minutes of so south of Dallas, but worth the drive. Some of the best BBQ in DFW area.

Also check this link on the Full Custom Gospel BBQ Blog, they just wrote a great guide on joints all over the area for Super Bowl visitors: http://fcg-bbq.blogspot.com/2011/01/super-bowl-xlv-bbq.html

I've written about all the places, so you can search them on the blog to see photos & get more info. There's also a map on the top right that shows our favorite joints. Have fun! Cheers/Chris


7 years ago

Thanks for the tip on Pecan Lodge. We are usually in the Farmer's Market on Wednesday, so I have rarely seen it open, but I will have to check it out.

I work around the corner from Baby Back, but we were treated really rudely there the first and last time we went, starting literally the second that we walked in. They are so much happier to get customers over at Off the Bone on Lamar, I cannot even compare the attitudes. Off the Bone is a good choice for downtowners.

Jason Jump

7 years ago

Have you tried Uncle Dan's in Waco or Boss Hog's in Marlin (south of Waco). Need to give them a go if not. Glad I found your site. We have a Where to Eat section on our message board/website (LSCSN.com) and I gave you a plug there.

Chris Wilkins

7 years ago

Thanks Jason, will put those on the list for sure. Appreciate the plug too!


7 years ago

Anyone that does not rate Black's brisket the best in the State of Texas doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. Franklin's might be second best, but no way is it better and it is certainly less consistent with the "fatty" brisket mostly being inedible.


7 years ago

Hi! Am headed to New Braunfels this weekend and was looking for a great BBQ recommendations in the area. Stumpbeld across this website in my search. Thanks!

Chris Wilkins

7 years ago

Hi M.V.: We have not gotten to New Braunfels yet, but I hear the Cooper's there is by far the best of their joints in the state. ALso, Lockhart isn't far away. That's four world-class joints in one town of 10,000. Have a great trip!


6 years ago

downtown dallas best bbq handsown is, "Mike Anderson's across from the Children's Hospital off Harry Hines. Go during lunch and expect a line.

Austin Top 5 plus Snow's
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