A quick post from our friend and fellow posse member Gary “G” Barber, who’s on the road today. He just made a lunch stop at the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church Barbeque in Huntsville and felt compelled to send us a short email and a great iPhone photo of his plate.

We were all surprised last month when Daniel Vaughn, aka the BBQ Snob, wrote his review about a disappointing trip to New Zion, giving them a 2-star rating (out of a possible 6). Click here to see the review of his journey to the church. He wrote, “After all the hype, our carload of hopefulness was dashed.”

G had a different take on the joint, it was obviously a better day for the pitmaster than Daniel’s trip. Here’s the email chain between posse members:

Gary: “Ain’t nothing wrong with the church, Daniel was wrong.”
Chris: “Damn……i could almost eat that picture!”
Irwin: “A little church won’t hurt anyone. Except “G”, who is stuffed right now.”


New Zion Missionary Baptist Church Barbeque, 2601 Montgomery Rd, Huntsville, Texas. Open Thursday – Saturday 11 am-7 pm.

(Photo by Gary Barber)

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