We had a full tank of gas, two big coolers, a set of horseshoes and an big appetite for central Texas BBQ. Our bags were packed with the consummate BBQ tour attire: sandals, extremely comfortable shorts & our favorite Hawaiian shirt. Why two coolers? One for the ice-cold beer, a necessity on any BBQ Tour, and one with the capacity to bring home 20 pounds of smokin meat.

We overnighted in Rockdale, north of Lexington, and arrived at a foggy Snow's BBQ in Lexington before 8am, beating the crowd by 15 minutes. They're only open on Saturdays and the meat runs out quickly, By 8:30am the line was out the door and growing by the minute. Things have never been the same in Lexington since June 2008, when Texas Monthly named Snow's the best BBQ in Texas.

After an amazing brisket breakfast, we hung out in the smoky pit area & talked BBQ technique with one of the pitmasters. We peppered him with questions. How long? What temp? What kind of wood? He explained they cooked the brisket uncovered, then tightly wrapped in foil & put back into the smoker. How long? Don’t know, just kinda cook by feel. This was the best brisket we had ever tasted, by far.

As we stood out front, chatting and listening to the surreal sound of cattle mooing down the street at the Lockhart Cattle Market, I remarked to the BBQ posse that it was all downhill from here. Click here to see Gary Jacobson's story on our first Central Texas BBQ Tour.

Snow's Barbeque, 516 Main Street, Lexington, Texas. Open Saturday 8 am til the meat runs out.

(Photos by Mike Gibson, David Guzman & Gary Jacobson)

Austin Top 5 plus Snow's

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Texas BBQ Posse eBook Let the Meat Speak for Itself

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