For guidance and inspiration along the BBQ trail, the Texas BBQ Posse has turned many times to Daniel Vaughn, aka the BBQ Snob. Daniel is a local architect. He has a great website, the Full Custom Gospel BBQ blog, reviewing Texas BBQ joints.

We had already started following his blog when fellow posse member David Woo and I had a chance to have lunch with Daniel at The Baby Back Shak. The Dallas Morning News was doing a story on the phenomenal success of his blog. David and I ate ribs and talked que with Daniel, then David shot photos of him back by the smoker for the article.

Daniel has been to hundreds of BBQ establishments & you can search his blog by city, name, ranking, etc. If you scroll down a little on the page, you can view his list of 5-star places on the right, he has 14 total in the state. Click here to see the Full Custom Gospel BBQ blog. He also created a handy Google map of BBQ joints around the state, both visited and on the list to visit. Clink here to see the map.

The is no better resource than his blog if you're hunting BBQ joints in Texas. We thank Daniel for sharing his time and appetite for BBQ with us all. Click here for a link to the story we did on Daniel in the Morning News. One last thing, click here to check out and join Full Custom Gospel BBQ's fan page on Facebook.

(Photo of Daniel at The Baby Back Shak by David Woo)

BBQ Snob

14 years ago

Great looking site, fellas. I appreciate your mission, and the shout out. You are now on my Google Reader account.


14 years ago

I hope you made David Woo pay

Chris Wilkins

14 years ago

Thanks Daniel, we love your work & appreciate you blazing the trail for our BBQ adventures!

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