Posse member Ahna Hubnik doesn't beat around the bush when if comes to barbeque. A country girl from Snook, Texas, she was brought up on ribs, brisket and sausage. Here's the uncensored view of the Ft. Worth BBQ Tour by our Texas BBQ Posse Queen, pictured at below right with husband Gary.

"Sadly I wasn’t very impressed with the beef at any of the stops. It’s “cowtown” for crying out loud. I guess everyone stopped trying when they perfected the ribeye.

Now the pork ribs, I can see they are giving a full effort. None were dry or overcooked. I really enjoy the taste of pork and beef, so I get angry when people cover it up with too much rub or marinade. Smoke on the other hand, that’s a mandatory accessory. But smoke should be like a good perfume, just enough to make you wonder if it was a natural occurrence and to enhance it’s natural beauty.

The ribs at Off the Bone, reminded me of summers at my grandparents. They didn’t sit in a smoker for hours, but they were still tender and had that great smoke air hanging out around them. Loved the chicken! It isn’t something I would have ordered and I thought Gary was crazy for wanting it. But it had so much flavor and wasn’t overcooked like most smoked birds are. And the coarse ground, peppery smoked sausage was great!

Longoria’s BBQ didn’t have much to offer me. I think the first bite was ruined by the think powdery rub on the ribs.

Angelo’s, I enjoyed the really cold beer and the scenery. How did it become so famous?????? I hate that tourist are directed there, I can’t believe they represent Texas BBQ. But then again some people look forward to McRib time.

Smokeys Barbeque, I liked the four meat sampler option, because then I knew I wasn’t missing anything. The sausage was pretty good, the brisket at least was tender, the chicken was like rubber. The ribs weren’t bad at all, a little sweeter than I like, but I could deal with it if it was the last rib I’d ever eat. Oh and they had pie, the strawberry buttermilk pie, pictured below, was pretty good. Pie to me is a must after BBQ, so I was glad it came at the end our our day. Next time I may bring my own coconut cream pie, just to make sure I get a good one.

And I will get my stomach into better shape before the next gathering. You would think that with all my years of training for this very day, I would have been able to put more away. I mean, I didn’t sit at Grandma’s table day after day during the holidays, eating nonstop, just to eat such a small amount. Lesson learned: a successful BBQ tour is a marathon, not a sprint. And on that subject Barber and Goose really disappointed me. They looked so pale and weak. So sad to see such young men cash out after just one stop. Maybe they were nervous about the Texas Stadium implosion."


(Photos by Ahna Hubnik, Michael Hamtil & Chris Wilkins)

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