Between our weekly trips to the Baby Back Shak, the Texas BBQ Posse has been heading just east of Deep Ellum to Mac's Bar-B-Que, 3933 Main St. in Dallas. For some strange reason, really good barbeque isn't always easy to find in Big D, but Mac's delivers consistently well-cooked meats and good sides from their lunch menu.

Speaking of sides, the french fries cooked in soybean oil have to be among the best in DFW. Several of us have become addicted to Mac's Frito Pie, a dish not offered at most BBQ joints. They start with a layer of ranch-style beans, then pile on the chopped brisket, topped by fritos right out of the bag, then shredded cheese. You also get a hot cup of Mac's own BBQ sauce, which I use to dip my fries into. This combo alone is worth the trip to the little building just south of Baylor Hospital.

Mac's Bar-B-Que is open for lunch on Monday-Friday, 10:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

(Photos by Chris Wilkins)


13 years ago

is that ranch-style or Ranch Style? Ranch Style beans is probably the best product to have ever come from Fort Worth exceptin' for Ben Hogan golf clubs.

Chris Wilkins

13 years ago

Great question on the ranch-style vs. Ranch Style beans Guy. I grew up eating Ranch Style, the real deal, so I know exactly what you mean. This Frito Pie totally reminds me of something from the family dinner table more than a few years ago. Will have to ask them the next time we're there for lunch.

BBQ Snob

13 years ago

I too opted for a Frito pie today at lunch instead of my standard brisket and rib plate. It was a great combo of flavors, and damn filling too.

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