Suzi Woo, wife of Texas BBQ Posse wheelman David Woo, accompanied us on the first stop on our recent Ft. Worth BBQ Tour. She brought a unique perspective to the tour and shared it with our resident writer Gary Jacobson. Read below to see Suzi's thoughts on her first trip to Off the Bone BBQ. She's pictured above, center, as the posse interviews pitmaster and owner Eddie Brown during our tour stop.

"David has asked me to send my comments on my maiden voyage with the BBQ Posse.

While I am unable to make much of a comparison with earlier finds of the posse, I will gladly weigh –in on the one stop I made at Off the Bone. Let’s just say I’m not a true connoisseur of barbeque, Texas or otherwise, but I vote the chicken at Off the Bone the best I’ve ever eaten, hands down. It was just the right texture and smoky flavor, and not the least bit dry….which is ordinarily the characteristic I note with chicken. The sauce was superb, all whipped up by the owner’s brother fondly known as Uncle Willy.

Possibly the most pleasing part of the morning was the company, and the seriousness and depth of observation at hand. I’ve not quite seen so much discussion or documentation about a strip of meat except perhaps on the food network…..maybe the next stop? Few ladies seem partake in this special event, and I for one would find it difficult to have completed the journey and eaten four barbeque meals in a four hour period, but more power to those fierce friends of ribs….they seem to gnaw them dry!

At the end of the day, my spouse reports that I was in on the “winner” stop for the day! Maybe I’d better try this just one more time?"

(Photo by Chris Wilkins)

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