Gary Barber, the Texas BBQ Posse's biggest eater, caught flak during the Marshall Cooper BBQ fest for once again coming up short in the end. Gary, aka G, started building his legend on our first BBQ tour to central Texas, as described by Dallas Morning News writer and posse founding member Gary Jacobson.

"Think of the fullest you have ever been at a Thanksgiving meal, then multiply by two," Barber said, after eating five more-than-full meals in 24 hours.

After a strong performance again on the East Texas BBQ tour, Gary B. faded during the Fort Worth BBW Tour, where Gary J. wrote, "Even our biggest eater, Gary Barber, couldn't keep pace." He could only nurse his brisket sandwich at Smokey's, our last stop.

Here's a recent email trail, as posse members give Gary grief for leaving half a brisket sandwich on the table at Marshall Cooper's.

Email headline: This photo sums up our friend G at the Marshall Cooper BBQ throw down

Chris W: One pound brisket sandwich leftover on G's plate, BRUUUUUUTAL.........

Irwin: Damn dude, what up G?

Gary J.: To paraphrase Ahna, it's sad...

Gary B.: After 2 sandwiches and half a dozen ribs on the first plate. I would have never put it down if it weren't for the fine homemade pecan pie that was put in my face. What a fine day.

Chris W.: You know i HAD to dog you my friend!

Gary B.: I wouldn't expect anything less, but sometimes the photo doesn't tell the whole story. I dish enough out, so I can take it.

Irwin: You let dessert get in the way of BBQ? Was it BBQ pecan pie?

Gary B.:It was one of the best pieces of pecan pie I have ever had. The ice cream was starting to melt. The choice was clear. I had to act fast, regardless of the ridicule I knew I would endure over not finishing my third sandwich.

(Photos by Mike Gibson & Chris Wilkins)


14 years ago

I can't fault G for hopping over to the pie... it looks damn good. ~ Gibson's Wife


14 years ago

G Man, to reclaim your famous title you need to choke back some BBQ now...can you handle it?

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