Sometimes it isn’t pretty.

See that crumpled Nestea can at the lip of the truck bed in the photo above?

On a barbecue tour, after five stops, eight hours of eating, and an occasional beer, that can is called a tripod.

Give Barbecue Posse founder Chris Wilkins credit for innovative thinking under stress, even if he loses a few style points for agility.

At OO Smokehouse in Sherman, Wilkins, a photo editor at The Dallas Morning News, was composing a souvenir keepsake for posse members. He eventually used the crushed can to support his camera.

We’re not even going to try to describe how he got off the truck and into the photo. Just use your imagination.

The results can be seen in the photo below. Not too bad at all.

Who cares how the sausage is made as long as it tastes good?

(Photos by Mike Gibson & Chris Wilkins)

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