As an appetizer at Clark’s Outpost in Tioga, the Barbecue Posse ordered lamb fries and passed them around. There were some snickers. Lamb fries are lamb testicles, breaded and fried.

“I’m not eating those,” said David Woo, a barbecue posse veteran and Dallas Morning News photographer.

Peer pressure, though, is a powerful force. Don’t be chicken, the posse told Woo. Everyone else had eaten at least one. He must, too.

Woo grabbed a lamb fry and popped it in his mouth.

“Wow! Nasty!” he said.

“Take two, they go in pairs,” posse newcomer Bruce Tomaso said.

But one and done it was.

(Photos by Chris Wilkins & Mike Gibson)

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Dr. Dave

8 years ago

This IS a sickness isn't it? Chow down on those nuts! They'se be good. Lamb fries…tasty.

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