Editor's note: This joint is now closed.

Our marathon five-stop North Texas BBQ Tour a couple of Saturdays ago ended at OO Smokehouse in Sherman. We cruised into the lot a little before 7pm, hoping to make closing time.

The OO had gotten a top 50 ranking in Texas Monthly magazine, so expectations were high among the nine surviving posse members.

Despite the fact they were sold out of ribs, we were impressed. Here's some feedback from a couple of posse members.

Marshall Cooper: "This place was an icon of an authentic Texas BBQ Stand; no dining room or restrooms, you know, tailgate in the parking lot on the hood of your car or bed of your truck! The sliced beef plate was really good, heavy smoked, tender, but maybe a little dry. No detectable rub. Definitely ranks with some of the best brisket around. As for ribs, they ran out. What does that tell you?"

David Guzman: "By the time we got to OO Smokehouse I was already full. I ordered four pork tamales and two pork stuffed jalapenos. I loved the stuffed jalapenos, they were delicious. The BBQ Tamales, a far cry from my grandmothers homemade pork tamales, were also very tasty. It's nice when someone takes a common food and gives it a little flair.They were excellent."

Postscript: I went back to the OO last weekend around noon to sample the ribs. As expected they were excellent, cooked perfectly and worth the trip.

OO Smokehouse, 200 S. Montgomery, Sherman. Open Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

(Photos by Chris Wilkins)


14 years ago

By the way, what did you think of OO's stuffed jalapeños? I almost liked those as much as I enjoyed their brisket. Another good stop over the is Scholl over in Paris, Texas.

Chris Wilkins

14 years ago

Hi Jacob: Done deal on the link, I really enjoy yall's blog, it's greatness! The stuffed peppers were a huge hit with the posse, by the way. We should have our tour story in the Dallas Morning News in 2 or 3 weeks, so I'll post when it publishes. And thanks for the tip on Paris, we'll get over there soon. Cheers/Chris


14 years ago

well Big Ronnie needs to git his ownself some apostrophes for that sign as it should read thusly: Ronnie's and y'all

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