Since our North Texas BBQ Tour last weekend, I've had a hard time explaining the discovery of The Bone on the Grill, located on Hwy. 82, around six miles west of Sherman. I turn to Texas BBQ Posse expert Marshall Cooper to describe this inspiring stop on the BBQ trail, as follows:

"This place deserves first place in sexy Texas drive-up appeal for all roadside BBQ joints! The two attached trailers with the attached spongy deck had outstanding views of bordering ranches with vast spreads of producing cornfields and oil wells. A Texas Classic! The BBQ pit was nothing more than two side-by-side 55-gallon drum grills available at Home Depot for $49.95!

The grilled baby back pork ribs were very meaty with falling off the bone near tender meat. The taste of the meat without sauce was way below average, as they were not smoked. However, they were presented with a secret sauce that smothered and drowned the ribs to a non-traditional flavor. Something between an Asian Jerk Hawaiian flavor but not salty or sweet, you figure it out because we couldn't! You were given the choice of mild or hot and we chose hot. The flavors were really intense and good.

If you are looking for traditional hickory slow-smoked BBQ this place does not have it - but try the place anyway for something new to experience! They deserve a first place in creativeness!"

This is one of the most amazing eccentric BBQ joints the posse members have ever seen, both in appearance and menu. Don't forget about the homemade ice cream pie, that alone is worth the drive. In fact, I'm heading back there again this weekend.......

The Bone on the Grill, 4933 Gibbons Road (at Highway 82), west of Sherman. Open Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

(Photos by Michael Ainsworth & Chris Wilkins)

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