Decisions, decisions, decisions. I always struggle with what meat to order at the Baby Back Shak. Their baby back ribs are the best is Dallas, bar none. The smoked chicken is among the best I've ever tasted and the other meats follow in this tradition of excellence.

We've written several times over the past year about the Shak, the unofficial headquarters of the Texas BBQ Posse. What I've neglected to mention is their boudin, one of the best and most unusual sides, or Shaksessories, you can get at a Texas BBQ joint.

By definition, boudin is a Cajun sausage stuffed with pork and rice. According to Louisiana food historians, it's one of those food products that originated in frugality; the rice was meant to stretch the meat. Now, it's a unique and delicious treat all its own.

Depending on what you order at the Shak, a sandwich or a plate, you get either one or two sides respectively. It's hard to pass on the Shak beans, among the best BBQ beans on the planet. The green beans take me back to my grandma's kitchen. The buttered corn is to die for. And the potato salad and cole slaw ain't bad either.

We eat at the Shak at least once a week and sometimes twice. When it comes time to order a side, nine times out of ten I'm ordering the boudin. Once you've tried it you will too.....

(Photo by Chris Wilkins)


14 years ago

Had to eat at Baby Back Shak today after reading this blog...Had the 2 meat combo with baby back ribs and boudin with a double order of Shak beans. The ribs, boudin and the beans were outstanding!!!! The ribs were cooked perfect, near falling off the bone. Might repeat the process tomorrow! MC

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