There's a really good article on the wood and barbeque on page one of The Dallas Morning News this morning. Writer Erinn Connor takes a look at Arnold Brothers Forest Products, who supplies wood to most of the barbeque joints around the region.

Texas BBQ Posse member Marshall Cooper is quoted in the article. He's been a long-time customer of Arnold Brothers and sums up the importance of good wood in the story.

"A lot of people who don't do this don't realize the wood is really important," Marshall said. "The smoke gives the meat the flavor."

Click here to read Erinn's article in the Morning News. Here's a video on Arnold Brothers, shot by Dallas Morning News photojournalist Nathan Hunsinger.

(Photo by Chris Wilkins)


14 years ago

Hickory Rules!

Marshall Cooper


14 years ago

Great article and video. I am glad to see D N M put BBQ on the front page! I wish they had a dedicated BBQ page each week. it's one of the main things Texas is famous for!

Esaul Ramos

12 years ago

Do y'all know of any good places to get firewood in mass quantities, in the San Antonio area??

Austin Top 5 plus Snow's

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