Listen in as Texas BBQ Posse founding member and Dallas Morning News writer Gary Jacobson talks smoked meats with Mr. BBQ, a syndicated radio show out of Portland, Oregon.

Gary got a call earlier this year from Mr. Barbeque, aka Bruce Bjorkman, who has an outdoor cooking show on Newsradio 750 KXL in Portland. He was on the show in April and invited back this weekend to talk more Texas que.

Gary's has now written four installments of tales from the BBQ trail. His story on our Far North Texas BBQ Tour will run soon in The Dallas Morning News. Tour stories on BBQ joints in Central Texas, East Texas and Fort Worth have been picked up by McClatchy-Tribune News Service and published around the world after appearing in The Morning News.

Click here to download a podcast of the show and listen in on Gary's chat about the journeys of the Texas BBQ Posse. Gary's portion of the show comes on around half way through the podcast.

(Photo by Chris Wilkins)

Bruce Bjorkman, aka Mr BBQ

14 years ago

Thanks you guys for the plug and for linking to the podcast! I love having Gary on the show, talking about Lone Star "Q". Sandiand I are itching to head South and see you all later this year! Keep up the great adventure!
Mr.Barbecue, Bruce Bjorkman

Chris Wilkins

14 years ago

Looking forward to it Bruce, will give you a serious Texas bbq welcome!

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