Dallas is a city in desperate need of great barbeque. The chains are on every corner, but I'm talking GREAT barbeque.

You have Meshack's, oops, that's in Garland. What about Randy's BBQ? That's in Red Oak, doesn't count. Fort Worth had some great joints, but that ain't Dallas either. It's been pretty lonely for the Baby Back Shak over the past few years, reigning as the best joint in Dallas.

Enter Pecan Lodge at the Dallas Farmer's Market. Once again, Daniel Vaughn and his Full Custom Gospel BBQ blog blazes the trail when it comes to new and upcoming BBQ joints, giving Pecan Lodge his first four-star rating in the city of Dallas.

Four members of the Texas BBQ Posse headed east down Young St. to check out Pecan Lodge today. We were really happy to see some signs of life in shed #2 at the Dallas Farmer's Market, the potential of the place seems obvious. We beat the lunch crowd and ordered as soon as we walked up, meeting owner/pitmaster Justin Fourton in the process. Justin and his wife Diane, aka "Boss Lady" run the joint.

Long story short, the brisket and ribs were tremendous. Despite the mesquite smoke they had in common, the rubs and cooking techniques were completely different. I have to agree with The Dallas Observer, sliced brisket at Pecan Lodge is one of the top 100 Favorite Dishes in Dallas.

Check out Edible DFW for the back story on Pecan Lodge, it's a great tale. And head down to Dallas Farmer's Market Shed #2 if you want to taste what might just be the best brisket in the city of Dallas.

Pecan Lodge, 1010 South Pearl Expressway, Farmer's Market Shed #2, Dallas, TX, 75201, (214) 748-8900. Open: Thur-Fri 11am-3pm, Sat-Sun 9am-3pm.

The BBQ Plate, sliced brisket and ribs, with a side of macaroni and cheese topped with bacon.

Left, the Brisket Tacos and right, The "Hot Mess," a smoked sweet potato topped in brisket and various other goodies.

(Photos by Chris Wilkins)

Boss Lady

13 years ago

Met several new customers that came down to visit us last weekend after reading your review. Much love to The Posse.

Austin Top 5 plus Snow's

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