One of the Posse's proudest accomplishments this weekend was converting not ONE, but TWO vegetarians at the Blues, Bandits & BBQ cook off in Oak Cliff. After a taste of Bryan Gooding's award-winning chicken, they could not help but join the ranks of carnivores again.

The photo below, shot by competition organizer Rob Shearer, shows the decisive moment as our first convert, in the center wearing a dark red jacket, bites into sample of Bryan's chicken at the Posse's Saturday night dinner party on Clinton Avenue. On Sunday, a second meat-free person rejoined the ranks of meat lovers after sampling Bryan's tasty pollo.

Posse member R.J. Hinkle then coined our new motto: Texas BBQ Posse! "Converting the vegetarian, one diner at a time!"

Posse founding member Gary Barber's girlfriend is a vegan and offered this observation, "Anne said they were posers if we were able to convert them so easy." Gary says, "I do like the slogan though."

Photos by Chris Wilkins, top, & Rob Shearer

Marshall Cooper

14 years ago

Anybody up for some bbq yet?

Chris Wilkins

14 years ago

Don't tell anyone, but I've been eating salads for every meal since last weekend! I'm ready for more BBQ action now though.......!

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