Given a choice, Chris Wilkins would prefer to do his blogging from home, a glass of red wine nearby.

More and more, though, the Texas BBQ Posse co-founder has been live-blogging from the center of the action. During the Blues, Bandits & BBQ cook off in Oak Cliff in September, he regularly posted items and photographs over two days and one long night.

“Can’t believe I’m still standing,” he wrote then. “It’s 3:30 am and it’s finally cooled down, after a pretty strong little thunderstorm…”

On our recent “anniversary” tour to Central Texas, Wilkins tried something new: Posting from the car between stops. I drove. He rode shotgun.

That means transferring photos from his camera to computer, writing, and then uploading everything to this site through a Verizon aircard.

“That’s about as fresh as it gets,” he says of his instant blogging. One drawback: It’s hard to proofread in a moving vehicle, he says.

Photo by R.J. Hinkle

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