More on our blog post earlier today on the long-awaited opening of Lockhart Smokehouse in Oak Cliff. Thanks to an impromptu tour today by owner Jeff Bergus and pitmaster Tim McLaughlin, Posse member Tom Fox and I got to see the closest thing to Lockhart without driving 200 or so miles south to the BBQ capital of America.

For those of you familiar with the routine at Lockhart's Kreuz Market, Tim says you should feel right at home. First of all, you order your meat at a counter located in front of the smoker. You order by the pound and it's served on butcher paper. Sauce and forks will be missing too!

Texas BBQ Posse pitmaster Marshall Cooper checked in and talked shop with Jeff and Tim on Monday. He was impressed with what he saw, saying their locally-made Bewley pit is phenomenal. Jeff said they are putting the final tweaks on their pit work, ie: the abilty to juggle and rotate all the different meats in the pit at once with the right amount of smoke. He also added they're planning on trucking up 2-3 year old seasoned post oak wood from Lockhart.

Lockhart Smokehouse is located at the corner of Bishop and Davis, in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff and will open next Wednesday, Feb 2.

Lockhart Smokehouse owner Jeff Bergus, right, and pitmaster Tim McLaughlin pose with an original Kreuz Market sign that once hung at the legendary BBQ joint.

Photos by Chris Wilkins

bbq ideas

13 years ago

Thank you for sharing this article and these pictures! I liked them very much!


12 years ago

So, six months into it... how's the joint holding up? The visuals make it seem like a killer place to hang out, have a few beers, and get some good grub.

Chris Wilkins

12 years ago

Hi Kevin: Thanks for your comment. They are getting better each month, had early problems with consistency but getting there week by week. I love what they are trying to do, ie: up the quality of bbq in Dallas, which pales in comparison with the Hill Country. Along with Pecan Lodge they are helping us become respectable here!

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