Mr. BBQ Bruce Bjorkman has once again called on the Texas BBQ Posse to talk barbecue on his syndicated radio show. Texas BBQ Posse pitmaster Marshall Cooper will join Bruce this Saturday to talk about his test cooks smoking brisket and ribs with butcher paper wrap, rather than foil, during the cooking process.

Posse lead writer Gary Jacobson has visited the show three times over the past year to share stories from our Texas BBQ tours, but this is Marshall's first appearance. He's a master backyard pitmaster, with over 25 years of experience manning the smokers.

We first saw the butcher paper technique during our recent Central Texas 5-Star Anniversary BBQ Tour, starting with a talk with Aaron Franklin, owner of Franklin Barbecue in Austin. Later during the tour, we also saw butcher paper wrapping being used at both Prause Meat Market and Taylor Cafe, at various parts of the cooking process.

Since I blogged late last year about Marshall's experiments with butcher paper, we have been deluged with comments and emails. A lot of central Texas BBQ is served on pink butcher paper, but using it for a wrap instead of foil is news to many backyard pit bosses.

Marshall is still very early in perfecting his process. Also, in a week he leaving his beloved pair of Pitts & Spitts smokers for a Jambo J-3, one of the finest pits available, custom made by legendary BBQ cook Jamie Geer in Burleson, Texas. The bottom photo shows Marshall, right, visiting with Jamie as his pit is being readied for painting.

We'll keep sharing what Marshall discovers on his quest to cook the perfect brisket, including results from several cookoffs that the Texas BBQ Posse cook team will be competing in this spring and summer.

You can click here to get the link to buy this butcher paper from Amazon, it's the same paper used by Aaron Franklin at Franklin BBQ.

Photos by Chris Wilkins


13 years ago

Man, that bark looks great!


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