Editors note: This BBQ joint s now closed.

UPDATE 2/28: Click here to see our friend Daniel Vaughn's review of Luckie's Smokehouse on his Full Custom Gospel BBQ blog. Daniel also points out Oak Cliff Barbeque, yet another new BBQ joint in the OC.

After months of preparation, Luckie's Smokehouse is open for business at the corner of Davis St. and Clinton Ave. in Oak Cliff. Luckie's is the third BBQ barbecue joint to open in the OC in the past month. They were formerly located at I-30 and Cockrell Road.

The Posse watched the early stages of their development across the street from the The Blues, Bandits & BBQ cook off last September. The former gas station across from the Kesseler Theater has now been transformed into a very cool restaurant with lots of outdoor seating.

In late January, Papa Joe's Backyard BBQ was the first of three new joints to open in Oak Cliff, located near Illinois and Edgefield. Next came the much-anticipated opening a week later of Lockhart Smokehouse on Davis St. in the Bishop Arts District.

Travel a mile or so west down Davis St. from Lockhart Smokehouse to check out Luckie's. The owners have done a great job with the place, both inside and out. The artwork is unequalled in any other BBQ joint I've been in, including an awesome mural of Oak Cliff luminaries by artist Rick Timmons. Yes, that is Elvis on the bottom right corner, he once had a bowl of chili in the OC!

This is a sit down place with wait staff, not your usual order-at-the-counter DFW que joint. The service was good, but the take on our first meal there was mixed. The puled pork and turkey were cooked well, but devoid of smoke. The brisket was dry and seemed overcooked, but we won't pass judgement on a place until several visits. The sides were pretty good and the three homemade sauces were a needed compliment to add flavor to the meat.

The folks eating next to us are Luckie's regulars and love the ribs. I must admit they looked really good on the plate. They also encouraged us to try the burgers on our next visit. A table of colleagues from The Dallas Morning News enjoyed their lunch as well, especially the sausage and turkey.

Bottom line, Oak Cliff could be developing into the BBQ mecca of DFW. Throw in SMOKE restaurant, located on Ft. Worth Ave., and you have a mini BBQ tour extraordinaire in the making.

Luckie's Smokehouse, 1300 W. Davis St., Dallas.

Photos by Chris Wilkins


13 years ago

Been there twice and the 1st time it took 45 mins. for them to tell us they were out of food. 2nd time they were just out of chicken. More concerning is an incident last night where the owner of the bldg. got ugly with some folks because they were from North Dallas (so he thought). This place is off to a very rocky start.

Austin Top 5 plus Snow's

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