Texas BBQ Posse pitmaster Marshall Cooper finally got his new Jambo J-3 pit on Thursday, after being delayed by the ice storms. In typical Marshall fashion, there was a fire going almost as soon as the J-3 was parked in the driveway.

Marshall has been smoking meats for over 25 years and keeps intricate notes and meat maps from all his cooks. Here are some notes from the initial cook:

Friday, 2/11 at 11:12 pm
"I've staggered about 58 pounds of meat onto the pit since 1:30 pm today.
Fire management is easier than you would believe. The desired pit temp just locks in as good as kitchen oven. Geer's elaborate R&D program worked ........"

Sat, Feb 12 at 6:29 am
"! Just now tasted the first #120 brisket. Within 1-2 hours I am about to pull an 18 pound #119 that went unwrapped. Also about to pull a 20 pound whole pork shoulder.
1st brisket (from Tom Thumb)
Smoke: lacked, way too light for me. Roast beefy. I think the fire burns so clean, the exceptional draw produces much less smoke. I realized this smoke difference mid way through cooking but had already foil wrapped this brisket.
Tender: extremely, butter
Juicy: extremely for a Tom Thumb Store brisket, Ranchers Choice. Pulled off the pit a little late, meat was 205 which made the flat end dryer. After brisket rested for 3 hours plenty of juices visible when sliced.
Flavor: ok. Needed more rub.
Texture: ok for foil wrapped.
Smoke ring: Yes
Fat Rendered: Yes.
Bark condition: nice rich dark brown, not black and bitter.
Overall Opinion: roast beefy due to not enough smoke. Juicy except in flat end. Damned good first brisket off brand new less seasoned pit
Solution: burn an extra log while unwrapped and choke fire down to adjust smoke."

Photo by Chris Wilkins


13 years ago

That's a giant firebox. How long can you hold temp before adding more wood?


13 years ago

Foil wrapped brisket - I thought the new paradigm was paper?

Chris Wilkins

13 years ago


Marshall writes, "Based on cooking in our (25-55 degrees) weather with winds (5-10 mph), I add a 16" log every hour and the pit temperature never changes ....."


13 years ago

Looks like I could be getting low on wood ....

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