Photos by Ahna Hubnik, Gary Barber & Mike Barber, shot on iPhone 4 with Hipstamtic app

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Gary Jacobson

9 years ago

Love the b&w of the giant pit…lots of geometry…lines breaking into the frame…the shadows on the gears…it says: this is a serious machine.

Gary Barber

9 years ago

I'm just glad that some others were caught with their mouths full of BBQ. Thanks for posting these Chris, they look great.

Chris Wilkins

9 years ago

Sorry Gary, I now have over 200 photos of you in various stages of eating BBQ. A post with a dozen of them or so could be in your future!


8 years ago

Agree with Gary. That smoker pic is very cool. I'm always trying to improve the photos I take at BBQ Comps.

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