A spouse of one Posse member likened The Great Posse Smokefest this past Saturday and Sunday to a sleep-over for 10-year-old boys.

Yes, I did take my pillow and, thankfully, got to use it for an hour and a half.

The smoking of meat started Saturday evening, continued all night, and culminated in a party for Posse members and friends, totaling more than 50 people.

The highlight, other than the fellowship around the pits, was early Sunday afternoon when the owners of the Pecan Lodge -- Justin and Diane Fourton -- met the owners of Lockhart Smokehouse -- Jeff and Jill Bergus -- for the first time.

Posse co-founder Chris Wilkins took a wonderful photograph of the new First Ladies of Dallas BBQ.

The food got strong reviews. Justin's brisket -- he smokes with mesquite wood -- had a rub with some pop. The Lockhart sausages were great.

Posse pitmaster Marshall Cooper's brisket -- he uses hickory wood -- was as solid as ever, although now, thanks to Justin, he is thinking about trying to add some more kick to his salt and pepper rub. My chicken turned out well but my ribs were mushy.

Wilkins' pork butt wasn't ready when we started eating at about 2:30 p.m. on Sunday so we left it on the pit. Four hours later, he pulled it. A dozen or so people, each armed with a fresh fork, dug in for samples. It was excellent.

Oh, yes, Suzi Woo's strawberry pie was terrific. She is the wife of Posse member David Woo.

The first Smokefest was a wonderful time. We plan to do it again.








Photos by Chris Wilkins, Suzi Woo, Mike Gibson & David Woo

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