Gary J's famous chicken & ribs have been turned in to the judges, now it's down to the biggie - brisket. That's a 3 p.m. turn in time.

Marshall cooked three briskets to choose between for our entry. Out of that we'll enter just seven slices for the judges to taste test. Win or lose, we've had a great time last night and today. What an amazing day out here at the second annual Smokin' Possum Cookoff.


Photos by Chris Wilkins

Smokin Ronnie Halcomb

13 years ago

looks great mr. marshall. havin fun... sr

Lisa Biggins

13 years ago

I just finished eating some of Gary Jacobson's finger licking good ribs. Way to go Gary, not only did they look good before they even hit the pit. Everyone that passes my desk is asking what is that that smells so good? "Where did I buy those ribs from? Unfortunately they're not for sale.. Two thumbs and two big toes up on the delicious ribs. THANK YOU

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