Lockhart Smokehouse owner Jeff Bergus was working the front of the house during the Posse's visit to his Oak Cliff joint Saturday afternoon.

When new customers arrived, he asked if they had ever been to his place before. If no, he immediately escorted them to the meat-ordering counter in the back.

After a while, he sat down at the Posse's table and chatted.

We asked how business has been since his place received a one-star food review from The Dallas Morning News a few weeks ago. A framed copy of the review hangs on one wall, along with copies of much more positive reviews.

He said business was strong, particularly citing large gatherings for Mavericks' playoff games. Lockhart has a nice bar and several TVs mounted on walls.

We asked how much meat he was cooking.

He said 3,000 pounds a week, with Mondays and Tuesdays slower and weekends heavier. Lockhart is open seven days a week.The busiest day was more than 600 pounds, just for brisket and ribs, Bergus said.

That matches what Aaron Franklin cooks daily (Tuesday through Sunday) at his Austin joint.

Not bad company. Of course, Franklin expects to triple his production when he completes new brick pits.

Lockhart Smokehouse, 400 W. Davis, Dallas, 214-944-5521. Open every day from 11am till they're done.

Photos by Chris Wilkins


13 years ago

Lockhart Smokehouse is PERFECT for Dallas. Phoney and fake "old timey" BBQ joint that serves well below avg. BBQ at ridiculously high prices. I hope ALL Dallas folks eat here all the time and NEVER take a trip to Lockhart to some real BBQ joints so I dont have to wait in line behind IDIOTS.


13 years ago

Lockhart just doesn't get it. Their brisket, ribs,chicken and clod all suck! Not tender, smokey, juicy nor decent a rub. Luby's serves better roast beef than their brisket and clod. Their BBQ does not even resemble Kreuz in Lockhart.


10 years ago

It's so overrated. I've been twice and had a bad experience both times. Brisket -- bad. The ribs -- bad.

Austin Top 5 plus Snow's

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