My Dallas Morning News colleague Guy Reynolds made a couple of trips to Austin to shoot photos for a page one story on Franklin Barbecue, which has attained cult status in an amazingly short length of time.

Click here to see the slideshow of Guy’s work, behind-the-scenes photos of Aaron Franklin & crew from the early hours working the pits to closing time, and everything in between. Above is a photo of Aaron and wife Stacy relaxing in front of the little turquoise trailer that started it all.

Guy describes how he shot the Franklin portrait on his facebook page, “I shot that portrait of Aaron and Stacy on 4×5 film with an 1950’s Graflex Crown Graphic just because, well, I can. Real photography: what a concept.”

The Morning News story is behind the paywall, but you can see it if you are a DMN customer or digital subscriber.

Photo by Guy Reynolds/The Dallas Morning News

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