First off, Johnsonville’s Big Taste Grill, pictured above, uses propane. Don’t even think about wood…or charcoal.

But doesn’t that machine look cool!

The semi-tractor-hauled cooker weighs 53,000 pounds, is 65 feet long, 20 feet high and 6 feet in diameter, according to materials sent to us by Johnsonville, the sausage company. A dozen cooks can grill 750 brats at a time.

The lid alone weighs 6,000 pounds and is operated by a hydraulic system.

If you want to check out the grill, which has traveled to charity events throughout North America since 1995, it will be in Burleson July 21 and Midlothian July 22-24.

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8 years ago

can be some great sausages when cooked on a wood pit for about an hour or so …. Marshall Cooper

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