Posse member Guy Reynolds checks in after a visit to Smokey John's Bar-B-Que and Home Cooking, located one block southwest of Gaston & Haskell in Dallas. This is a lesser-known second location of Smokey John's, the original one is located on Mockingbird Lane.

We've done several stories at The Dallas Morning News about owner/pitmaster John “Smokey” Reaves and bible study services held at the original location for many years. 

Here's Guy's mini review:

I went to Smokey John's on Gaston by Baylor Hospital last week.

Although it's in my 'hood, easy walking or riding distance from home, it'd been eight or nine years since I'd been in there because I remember being underwhelmed the time I tried it before. It was actually pretty good.

Ribs were tasty but not fall-off-the-bone tender like I prefer. They were pink through to the bone and had nice smoke flavor. The rub was practically non-existent though.

Brisket, cut from the fatty end, was excellent and required no sauce.

The pork was cut from what looked to be a butt or a shoulder? I'm not pork pro but it definitely wasn't the usual pulled pork served most places; it was sliced like brisket. It was a tad on the overdone side and dry but very tasty.

I had sauce served on the side and barely used it.

The side dishes, yams and collard (or mixed?) greens, were both excellent accompaniments.

Here's a link to Smokey John's website and menu.

Smokey John's BBQ, 3909 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, 214-515-0787. Open Mon-Turs 11 am-4 pm., Fri 11am-6 pm, Sat 11 am-4 pm.

Photos ©Guy Reynolds


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