BBQ Pitmasters season 3 will begin filming tomorrow at the Don’t Be Cruel BBQ Duel competition in Tupelo, Mississippi.

The big news for Texas BBQ followers is that Austin BBQ pitmaster/owner Aaron Franklin will be joining the upcoming season of BBQ Pitmasters as a judge. BBQ entrepreneur and author Myron Mixon, of Jack's Old South BBQ, has already anounced he will be back as a judge on the show.

Championship pitmaster Tuffy Stone will also be joining the judging team. He was a major player on season one of BBQ Pitmasters and has great respect in competition circles. He also owns Q Barbeque, which has three locations in southern Virginia.

BBQ Pitmasters executive producer John Markus teased fans of the show with a tweet last Sunday as follows, "I am so excited about these two new Pitmaster judges. HINT: the most successful two BBQ restauranteurs working today!"

Having stood in line for one or two hours at Franklin BBQ on several occasions, I can vouch for John's tweet. I can only imagine that Tuffy's east-coast joints totally rock as well.

Adding Aaron and Tuffy should really help the chemistry and barbecue IQ of the show. Outside of Mixon, last year's judging team including former football player Warren Sapp and chef Art Smith left a lot to be desired. But so did the challenges to cook appetizers, rattlesnakes, frogs and alligators.

Playing Myron's deep south, old school BBQ personality against Aaron's hipster, young gun persona could be golden for the series. Tuffy is somewhere in the middle. It could also make the lines even longer at Franklin BBQ.

We can't wait to see the format when this season debuts around Memorial Day. Season one was must-see TV for backyard pitmasters around the country.

The last question we need answered is what channel the show will be on. I've seen rumors of "Discovery Destination" channel, but have never heard of that channel and don't get any Google hits on it either.

We'll update as we hear more details on BBQ Pitmasters season three.

Photo ©Chris Wilkins/Texas BBQ Posse


12 years ago

anybody out there heard of Aaron Franklin on the BBQ competition circuit? How did he get to be a judge on this show, he's a restaurant owner?


12 years ago

They cook under Porkys Revenge on the KCBS circuit.

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