Here's another great set of photos from my Dallas Morning News colleague Guy Reynolds. Guy is a photojournalist and photo editor at the News, as well as an early member of the Posse.

Whenever Guy shoots a barbecue joint for the Posse blog, I always really look forward to seeing the images. He's an artist with a camera and has been exhibited in numerous galleries over the past years. I have several of his BBQ photos framed and hanging on the walls of my house.

Last week Guy was looking for a place to eat in Waco. I steered him toward Mama & Papa B's Bar-B-Q, a small joint near downtown. I was pretty sure the food would be average or maybe a little above average, but it looked like a great place to shoot photos. If there's a really good place to eat BBQ in Waco, we have yet to hear about it.

Here's Guy's report:

I went to Mama & Papa B's in Waco. Great little place. Pretty good cue. Unfortunately, they doused it with sauce before I could stop him and that does make it a bit tougher to judge, especially by a novice like me.

But it was all good, brisket, ribs and sausage. Nothing really special but very tasty. And Mama B is a hoot. really, really friendly older lady.

Here are Guy's photos from his visit, enjoy!

Mama & Pappa B's Bar-B-Q, 525 South 8th Street, Waco, 254-754-8001. Open Mon-Thur 11 am-8 pm, Fri-Sat 11 am-10 pm.












Photos ©Guy Reynolds

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