The Texas BBQ Posse began in November 2009 when six friends took their first BBQ road trip to Central Texas. As we sat beside the smokers at Snow's BBQ, our lives changed with the first bite of brisket during breakfast at the legendary Lexington joint. Stops at Louie Mueller, Smitty's and Kreuz Market followed that day. We started the Posse blog shortly thereafter.

Since then, we've driven 4,000-plus miles of Texas highways and backroads. Whether on organized tours or meandering road trips, we're always searching for the best BBQ in the state. We've reported on our adventures on the blog, on Facebook and sometimes in The Dallas Morning News, where about half of the Posse members work as writers, photographers and editors.

While the Texas BBQ Posse blog is the online foundation of our group, you can also join the Posse facebook page or subscribe to our Texas BBQ Posse twitter feed. Each outlet serves a different purpose as we combine channels to share everything we can find on the subject of Texas barbecue.

Our Twitter page is used for for breaking barbecue news, fun links or to alert followers of a new story on the Posse blog. It's our hope that the Posse Facebook page can serve as a digital community meeting place for all fans of Texas barbecue. Please help us spread the word by inviting your BBQ friends to check out the page. Also, always feel free to post your photos and stories on the page.

We promise to do the same as we continue to follow the smoke in search of the best smoked meats in the greatest state in the union!

Thanks/Chris Wilkins & Gary Jacobson

Austin Top 5 plus Snow's

Texas BBQ Posse eBook Let the Meat Speak for Itself

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Texas BBQ Posse eBook Let the Meat Speak for Itself

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