A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Dallas Morning News food and travel editor Cathy Barber, who I work with as a photo editor at the paper.

The dallasnews.com web team was looking for Father's Day content and wanted to rerun our list of favorite joints that ran in the DMN travel section and online last fall.

"Do you think this story is still pretty solid, or have you guys changed your mind about some of them?," Cathy asked.

Our original list of 12 joints had stirred up a little dust in the BBQ blogosphere. We had intended this to be a travel story,  not necessarily the best meats in Texas, but a list of our favorite BBQ places to hang out. Some folks didn't read the fine print.

There were a couple of non-traditional picks on the list, like Pat Gee's in Tyler and Taylor Cafe. Both places are definitely past their prime when it comes to being a top-10 meat producer. However, they are still pretty good and are both magical places to go and soak in the religion of Texas barbecue.

I told Cathy we would have to update the list, we had some additions since we had been on several tours since then. We now have 4,000 miles and 11 Texas BBQ tours under our belt. Our original 12 picks would stay on the list.

We had a Houston BBQ tour coming up that weekend and wanted to wait to see how joints there measured up. We hoped to add a Houston joint or two to the list. After visiting four of the top-rated places in Houston, that didn't happen. Much to the chagrin of at least one blogger down there, I might add.

We ended up adding City Market in Luling, Fargo's Pit BBQ in Bryan, JMueller BBQ in Austin and Miler's Smokehouse in Belton. Now the list of our favorites totals 16 and we hope to add on as we continue searching for the greatest smoked meats throughout the state.

Click here to see our Posse favorites list on dallasnews.com.

Austin Top 5 plus Snow's

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