Recently, one of our readers, probably from Houston, took issue with a reference here to the spectacular ribs at City Market in Luling, seen in the photo above.

A Posse member called the best rib he had ever eaten -- just that morning at City Market -- "moist, creamy, crunchy perfection."

Our reader wondered how any real barbecue fan could ever call a rib creamy.

Of course, he was probably more upset that the same post essentially said the best barbecue in Houston was average when compared to the best in Dallas.

Hot barbecue opinions, like hot sports opinions, do generate reaction.

Anyway, back to creamy.

On the Posse, we aren't limited by the restrictive vocabulary of barbecue criticism that focuses on  smoke rings, crust and sugar cookies. That can get predictable.

We say what we feel.

Once, a Posse member described the ribs at a famous Fort Worth joint as looking as if they had been extruded from a machine. It was a wonderful, and accurate, description.

And if you've ever had a perfectly cooked rib that's moist and tender and has a silky smooth textured taste combined with a bit of hard crust, then you, too, know what "creamy, crunchy perfection" means.

If you haven't, keep looking....And probably not in Houston.

Photo ©Jim Rossman/Texas BBQ Posse


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