Posse veteran Jim Rossman and I went to lunch at the Pecan Lodge on Thursday. For us, it was our first time to eat at the popular Dallas Farmers Market barbecue location since it was featured on the TV show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives at the end of May.

The lines have just been too long.

But when we arrived just before the 11 a.m. opening, only 15 or so people were ahead of us and it took only about 10 minutes to work our way to the cash register where we ordered.

We both got 3-meat platters. And neither of us was disappointed. The brisket, pork ribs, sausage and pulled pork were as good as we remembered. Pitmaster Justin Fourton has been able to maintain quality as he increased quantity.

The big news from our visit, though, was a new menu item.

While standing in line, Justin told us he has been experimenting with beef ribs, the one-pounders or so that look like big pieces of roast beef on a stick. Using a variation on his basic brisket rub, Justin hopes to make the beef ribs a regular menu item beginning as soon as this weekend.

Good reason not to wait another three months before our next visit.

Pecan Lodge, 1010 South Pearl Expressway, Farmer's Market Shed #2, Dallas, TX, 75201, (214) 748-8900. Open: Thur-Sun 11am-3pm.

Photo ©Chris Wilkins/Texas BBQ Posse


12 years ago

Went there yesterday, Th 9/20. I asked about beef ribs, they didn't have any. So it's not a regular item just yet.

BTW, I got there @ 10:40, was 10th in line, had my order in @ 11:10. So about a minute per person seems like a reasonable way to estimate the wait. At 11:15, the line was about 30 people long, so the same half hour as I had arriving pre-open.

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