Posse members Jim Rossman and Gary Jacobson paid a visit to the newest BBQ joint in town, Babb Bros. BBQ & Blues, located just west of downtown. Jim shares his thoughts on the two-day old restaurant, as follows:

We timed it just right at 11:45 am for beating the line at Babb Bros. BBQ & Blues, which was about 20 people deep by noon. The serving line was well staffed. I counted at least a dozen employees on the floor.

I got the three-meat plate (brisket, ribs, spicy (cheese) sausage) with two sides for $11. Iced Tea added $2 and I was out the door for $13.58. A bargain for this much meat in Dallas.

I opted for cole slaw and creamed corn for my sides. Just from the look of things, the cheesy potatoes and banana pudding looked really good.

Three kinds of pickles, onions and sliced jalapenos were sitting in a tub of ice. Sauce was on the table. I think it had a touch of Shiner Bock, and it was very good.

The brisket was cooked long enough and still held its moisture, but it lacked any smoke flavor. Ditto for the ribs, which tasted good but lacked any smoke. My ribs were falling off the bone from sitting a little too long on the heat. The jalapeno sausage held a LOT of cheese and it and should have spent another hour on the smoker. The cheese was barely melted.

The slaw needed some kick, which was provided when I spied a large bottle of Tabasco sauce on another table. It was sorely needed. The creamed corn was not very creamy and tastes of cracker or bread crumbs, which was not unpleasant, but a bit of a surprise.

For the second day of business, I'd say Babb Bros. is doing quite well. Several signs said the liquor license was forthcoming. Judging from the decor (more than 50 beer signs) and the menu board options for beer and frozen margaritas, it'll probably be sooner rather than later.

Their large patio has a lot of seating and the fenced backyard has a small stage built in one corner. I think it'll be a nice place to have a beer after work one day soon. The backyard also has a view of the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge and downtown.

We found a fire burning outside in one of the meat warmers that looks to be connected to their Southern Pride (gas) smoker. If that fire is the source of their smoke, they need to stoke it a bit. For the amount of fire in that box, there wasn't any smoke coming from the two chimneys on top of the building.

Overall I liked the food enough to want to come back and try some other menu items. Turkey and chicken wings along with meatloaf are on my list for next time.

Babb Bros. BBQ & Blues: 330 Bedford Ave., Dallas, 214 745 2224. Hours tk.






Story & photos ©Jim Rossman



11 years ago

I went by on opening night, Thursday. At 7:30 pm, there was no line at all.

I'll generally agree with your assessment. Good but not great. My brisket was tender, very moist, and totally devoid of smoke. My ribs were cooked just right, not falling off the bone, tasty but also smokeless.

I'll be back to give them another try; I won't judge a BBQ place on just one visit, especially opening day.


11 years ago

I could see the old lady yelling "Where's the smoke?".

Ditto for me - great price point but nada on the smoke. My brisket and ribs were well cooked but had no smoke ring. The Babb Bros. also appear to be afraid of rub. The cheese in the jalapeno sausage was the reincarnation of cheeze whiz in a new body. Enjoyed the sides. Will return to see how things progress.

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