Since November 2009, members of the Texas BBQ Posse have traveled nearly 5,000 miles searching for the best barbecue in the state. True sojourners of smoked meat, BBQ Snob and prolific blogger Daniel Vaughn once called us. Back at you, Daniel.

As we await publication in The Dallas Morning News of our recent Best of Texas Tour, here's an annotated readers' guide, with links, to the first 11 chapters of our barbecue chronicles.

Chapter 1: Original Central Texas Tour

After our first breakfast of brisket at Snow's, we learn that, before that moment, we knew nothing at all about great barbecue.

Chapter 2: East Texas Tour

We follow the smoke in the Piney Woods and along the way discover the true value of a good wheel man on a barbecue road trip.

Chapter 3: Fort Worth Tour

"These look like they were extruded from a machine," Posse member Bryan Gooding says of the ribs from one of Cowtown's finest joints.

Chapter 4: Texoma-North Texas Tour

Attempting to add a touch of class to the Posse's deliberations, a new member discusses the "flavor profile" of a joint's sauce. Never again.

Chapter 5: Brazos and Beyond Tour

We find what could be a near-perfect end point of a one-day fantasy barbecue tour, Loco Coyote near Glen Rose.

Chapter 6: Blues, Bandits and BBQ Cookoff

After nearly 36 hours of cooking and partying on the streets of Oak Cliff, we find that hickory smoke does, indeed, mask any and all other odors.

Chapter 7: Central Texas 5-Star Anniversary Tour

On our final trip to Franklin Barbecue's original trailer in Austin -- yes, we knew him then -- we learn Aaron Franklin's butcher paper secret.

Chapter 8: East Texas II Tour

After eating nicely wood-smoked ribs at Stanley's and brisket at Baby J's, we call out Texas Monthly for including joints that use gas-fired pits in its Top 50.

Chapter 9: Impromptu Best of Dallas Mini-Tour

As Pecan Lodge brings back its barbecue menu after a hiatus, Posse co-founder Chris Wilkins declares: "I would call that holy shit brisket."

Chapter 10: Tales from the Speedtrap Tour

We meet Officer Wooldridge, who apparently doesn't know that the secret codeword "barbecue" exempts any and all from a speeding ticket -- 67 in a 55.

Chapter 11: Houston, We Have a Barbecue Problem

We tried. We really tried to find a good joint in the Bayou City. But "it's a lot of OK," Posse member Jim Rossman concludes.

Chapter 12: Best of Texas Tour

Coming this weekend, we'll name the best 6 joints in the state, in order, and give you an invaluable tip about how to eat at Snow's and Franklin's on the same Saturday while avoiding those humongous lines.


11 years ago

The day John Mueller's (now old and not his) trailer opened on South 1st, I managed to get to Snows at 8:00AM, get in line at Franklins at 9:45 (to be about 30th in line; honestly, I think I saw some of you that day at Franklins and chatted a bit. Some of my past Franklin trips have run together, so perhaps it was a different trip?) and then make it to be first in line at JMuellerBBQ at 1:00 (his grand opening was 2:30PM). It was a wonderful day.
I look forward to the tip to try both without waiting in line. Unless the tip is drive fast, cause I have tried that already.
Keep up the great write ups and traveling.


11 years ago

Since you're looking for the best smoked meat...when are you traveling to Kansas City?

Austin Top 5 plus Snow's

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