Order of award-winning ribs at Pecan Lodge in the Dallas Farmer's Market. (Tom Fox/DMN)

While we wait for the full results of the Posse's recent Best of Texas barbecue tour to be published in The Dallas Morning News this weekend, we can reveal one more detail:

Pecan Lodge in Dallas won the pork rib category. Five of our six judges rated pitmaster Justin Fourton's ribs a perfect 10. The sixth judge scored a 9.

We reported earlier here that Snow's BBQ in Lexington had the highest scoring brisket. It received a 10 from every judge, the only meat to achieve that milestone. And Kreuz Market in Lexington had the highest rated sausage.

On the tour, we ate at 10 top places in the state over a period of 48 hours and rated the brisket, ribs and sausage at each joint. We then added the average scores of each meat to declare an overall winner.

Careful readers will notice that Franklin Barbecue in Austin, the reigning champ of Texas barbecue, is missing from our roster of individual meat winners.

Did Franklin stumble in the Posse's big test? The results should be posted on dallasnews.com Friday and appear in the newspaper on Sunday.

Austin Top 5 plus Snow's

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