Diners order off the butcher paper menu at the famed Louie Mueller Barbecue. (Photo by Tom Fox/DMN)

A reader, Don Peck from Longview, saw our Best of Texas BBQ story in The Dallas Morning News and it jogged some memories from his more than 60 years as a customer at Louie Mueller's in Taylor.

He remembers his grandfather taking him to Mueller's when sausage links cost just 10 cents apiece.

"I was there a couple of months ago and bought 50 links at $3 apiece," Don wrote.

"I've probably eaten a 1,000 links from Mueller's, and the last one was just as good as the first one."

Don's note sent us searching for some history about Louie Mueller's and we found The Southern BBQ Trail Web site. Sponsored by The Southern Foodways Alliance, the site has a 2007 interview with the late Bobby Mueller, son of Louie and father of current proprietor, Wayne.

Bobby described the rub used on the meat:

"Only thing we use is just got a little pot there that we put pepper -- black pepper in, put a little bit of salt in, put some more black pepper in, just mix it up real good, and that's all we use."

Yes, indeed. Some of us can still taste the pepper from our tour stop at Mueller's.

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