Our Shiner Platter lunch at Lockhart Smokehouse. Yes, it was a good as it looks. (Photo ©Chris Wilkins)

During an anything-but-light lunch Thursday at Lockhart Smokehouse in Dallas, owner Jeff Bergus said business has been so strong -- up more than 25 percent this year -- that he's thinking of adding a second pit to the big Bewley that the joint has used since opening in early 2011.

Where would it go?

Bergus said he wasn't sure, but pointed out that there is a small, vacant storefront adjacent to the back of his place, which would be one possibility.

Lockhart is now cooking two tons of meat a week, he said, and sometimes selling out.

The Bishop Arts District restaurant sure was busy during our visit. Most of the tables were full and the line at the order counter remained a dozen or so deep during much of our stay.

Lockhart Smokehouse co-owner Jeff Bergus visits with a customer at the bar. (Photo ©Chris Wilkins)

Since we were a group of five, we ordered the Shiner Platter, with a sampling of the smoked meat fare: brisket, pork ribs, pork chops, two kinds of sausage, as well as deviled eggs, sides and bread pudding. The platter also had what Bergus said will soon become a new regular menu item: turkey breast.

"It could rival Stanley's," Posse co-founder Chris Wilkins said, referring to Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q in Tyler where the turkey breast is a Posse favorite.

With Dallas Morning News Editor Bob Mong along, our trip was a barbecue welcoming lunch for Ralph De La Cruz, an opinion writer who joined The News in January.

Over a nearly 30-year career, De La Cruz, who attended UT Austin, has worked in Texas, Florida and California. He's a barbecue fan and was happy to find kindred spirits and some good eating here.

Welcome to the Posse, Ralph.

Lockhart Smokehouse, 400 W. Davis, Dallas, 214-944-5521. Open every day from 11am till the meat runs out.

Posse newcomer Ralph De La Cruz gets a pit tour from co-owner Tim McLaughlin, center, & pitmaster Will Fleischman, left. (Photo ©Chris Wilkins/Texas BBQ Posse)


11 years ago

So the Morning News editor wasn't bothered by the fact that his own paper gave Lockhart only one star?

Wait until Leslie Brenner hears about this.

Marshall Cooper

11 years ago

How was the brisket, spares and sausage?

Gary Jacobson

11 years ago

Overall, very good...A Top 50 (wood burning) place for sure...


11 years ago

Instead of another pit in an already crowded area, how about another location up around Frisco or Mckinney?


11 years ago

McKinney already has a great BBQ joint, Plano are Richardson area would be a nice spot for a new location.

Austin Top 5 plus Snow's

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