A portrait of the late Bobby Mueller, shot by daughter LeAnn, watches over La Barbecue. (Photo by Tom Fox/DMN)

Follow the roots of most of the joints on our recent Best of Austin tour and they trace back, directly or indirectly, to Texas legend Louie Mueller and his place in Taylor.

LeAnn and John Mueller,  grand children of Louie and children of Bobby, are the most direct links. LeAnn owns La Barbecue. John is the pitmaster at John Mueller Meat Co. They used to work together but then there was that infamous blow up.

Aaron Franklin, owner of Franklin Barbecue, once worked for John Mueller.

Lance Kirkpatrick, pitmaster at Stiles Switch BBQ and Brew, once worked at Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor.

John Lewis, pitmaster at La Barbecue, worked with Aaron Franklin at Franklin’s and worked briefly with John Mueller.

That’s a lot of Texas barbecue history and knowledge. And, potentially, a lot of intramural elbowing to be the best.

For the record, LeAnn Mueller and John Lewis came out on top during our tour. La Barbecue had the best brisket and sausage, Stiles Switch the best pork ribs and Franklin the best turkey. John Mueller didn’t take a top spot.

The Mueller BBQ family tree, clockwise from top left: John Lewis, John Mueller, Aaron Franklin and Lance Kirkpatrick.
(Photos by Tom Fox/DMN)

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7 years ago

No Beef Rib category?


7 years ago

Beef Ribs don't qualify as a category in Texas, friend!!!


7 years ago

Beef ribs simply aren't offered daily at all the places we go.
Although we do enjoy them on occasion.

Jim Rossman
Texas BBQ Posse

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