From left: Todd David, David Mills, Misty David and Lauren Parajon (photo by Jim Rossman)

On the heels of Pecan Lodge making some tweaks to their ordering process, relative newcomer Cattleack BBQ is making some changes to their Friday-only lunch service to address it's growing lines.

Our BBQ Take-Out service on Fridays has become such a hit, we now have a line out the door! While this is a measure of success for us, we don’t want it to be an inconvenience to our BBQ-loving customers. We have two new processes in place to help those who have limited time to spend in line.

1) Starting next week, we will open the doors at 10:30 instead of 11. That way, you can get a jump on the line and give yourself plenty of time to return to the office with lunch.

2) For those of you who need large quantities of bulk cut meat for either the office or home, order online ahead of time. If you need more than 5 pounds of bulk meat (per customer order), you can call or email at least 24 hours ahead of time. Noon sharp Thursday is the cut off. Your food will be cut and ready for you to pick up at 10:30am. If you don’t get there by 10:30, you’ll still have to wait in line to be fair to all our other customers. This is for meat only and does not include sandwiches because we prefer to make those as fresh as possible. Please get your orders in early as we will only be able to accept a limited amount of advanced orders to be ready to open the doors on time. Phones are not answered during our Friday event. We are too busy!

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If you haven't made the trip to north Dallas to Cattleack, you're missing some great BBQ.
Owner and pitmaster Todd David uses gas to cook is meat, but don't let that deter you. Todd shows it really is possible to get flavor from a gasser if you know how to use it.

CattleAck BBQ, 13628 Gamma Road, Dallas, 972-499-0999. Open: Fridays 11am-til the meat runs out. Website:


11 years ago

No, it really isn't that good. Definitely not worth standing in line for


11 years ago

Been working in Addison for almost ten years now and it's a BBQ desert up here. So you can imagine I was intrigued with Rossman's news flash. Being Friday Rj and I headed out for the Cattleack to see if the dought had broke for some decent Q in the central North Dallas area. We showed up at 10:30 to a line of one ahead of us and had time to meet/greet Todd and Misty who are in fact a couple of very nice people. The place is immaculate and a little disconcerting by it's lack smoke that usually permeates establishments like this. We got a quick tour of the kitchen and for the frist time I saw what looked like a gasser but when you opened it up was a wood fired smoker. Todd says he only uses the gas to start the fire. Again there was no smoke smell in the room until he opened the smoker. Very impressive.

Getting the usual three meat plate this is how the line-up fared:
Sausage - light on the fat and a tad chewy, some snap with an almost commercial flavor profile.
Brisket - Very faint smoke ring, light on the crust with a bit of tar flavor, rub was a middle of the road basic flavor blend. Lack of smoke and rub gave the meat a bit of a greasy, roast beefy flavor. Could have used a bit more cooking, a little tough on the bite.
Ribs - best descibed as an "enjoyable" rib. Sweet with a nice smoked flavor, cooked very well. Rub was very nice.

Takeout only avail. on Friday and sat oput front in camp chairs (provided) in the shade of an oak. Not bad. Worth another trip to see how things develop.


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