The fried rib from Pecan Lodge in Dallas. (Photo by Jim Rossman/Texas BBQ Posse)


It’s not often that I’m surprised by the menu at a BBQ joint.
I’ve been to more than a few dozen places and didn’t think
there was much else you could do to a pork rib, but I was wrong.
One day last month I was eating at Pecan Lodge in Dallas
when I spied a new entry on their menu board. It was a fried pork rib and I had to have one.
The rib was a very large and meaty. It was lightly battered
and then deep fried. The crust was crunchy, but not very thick. The fried rib was then dipped in BBQ sauce, plated and then
topped with bleu cheese and some green onion.
It was a glorious mess.
I wanted to run back and order a second one, but the thought
of my upcoming annual physical kept me in my seat. I’d really forgotten about the rib until the Posse’s recent
Denton County tour, when I remembered and told the others.
I’ll have to get back and try the rib again. I asked Pecan
Lodge if the rib was a regular on the menu and was told, “we have them on a
pretty regular basis.”


Certainly worth a try if you see it on the menu.
Pecan Lodge, 2702 Main St. Dallas, 214-748-8900. Open: Tues-Thur 11am-3pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-3pm. Website:

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