George Clooney and Leo DiCaprio can relax because it's unlikely anyone from the Texas BBQ Posse will challenge them for leading roles in Tinseltown.

Still, we had our brush, very briefly, with video fame. And while nothing came of it -- yet, anyway -- the experience was great fun so we thought we would share it with you.

About a year ago, the folks at 12 Forward Entertainment in Dallas approached the Texas BBQ Posse about making a "pitch" video for a reality TV show based on the Posse. The video would then be used to sell the concept to producers and networks.

We liked the idea and assembled a group for a quick trip to Billy's Oak Acres BBQ in Fort Worth.

Re-watching the video now, it certainly does provide a good summary of the Posse's origins and purpose, all in less than four minutes.

On camera, co-founder Chris Wilkins probably summed us up best. "Barbecue is an emotional subject," he said, "an incredibly personal subject."

There is also a brief discussion about one of barbecue's great philosophical questions: How much smoke is too much?

"I think I'm in the school of liking smoke," Daniel Goncalves said with conviction, while admitting there have been times when the smoke has overpowered the meat.

"I can't get enough of it," Phil Lamb said of smoke.

And there is a brief diversion into why I'm the most likely Posse member to say I don't like something, and, even, "get punched in the face" because of it.

"You have to remember he's a reporter from the old school and he pisses people off for a living," Jim Rossman said of me.

Make that past tense since I'm now retired. But Rossman, as usual, may have a point.

Anyway, we want to thank Melanie and Terry Wester at 12 Forward for making the video and allowing us to run it here. We do like it.

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