Cooking perfect pork ribs with Marshall Cooper

Texas BBQ Posse pitmaster Marshall Cooper puts pork ribs on the Jambo smoker at his north Dallas home.

Welcome to our first batch of short videos featuring how-to BBQ techniques from Posse pitmaster Marshall Cooper. Marshall has been cooking barbecue in his backyard for 30-plus years, after learning the craft from his late father. Now using his fourth custom Jambo pit, Marshall has cooked with such BBQ legends as Chris Lilly, Jamie Geer, John Mueller, and John Lewis.

One of the missions of the Texas BBQ Posse is to share ideas and tips to help you become a great backyard pitmaster. We can think of no better person than Marshall to guide you on that journey, his depth of knowledge and experience are unmatched on our team.

We are breaking the content into short videos, to allow you to focus on specific areas of cooking in a quick, concise manner. Please let us know of any potential video subjects you would want to see. The possibilities seem limitless as we strive to tell not only the stories of great Texas BBQ joints and pitmasters, but also how you can cook great BBQ in your own backyard. Here are four videos sharing techniques on how to prep and smoke great pork ribs, enjoy.....

Leon Siems

6 years ago

Marshall, I learned to remove the membrane sometime back and made a world of difference, but removing the membrane will also allow the cooking process to also come from that side as well.
For the longest, probably 40+yrs. of cooking pork ribs w/out removing it and trying to dodge that tough stuff while eating the rib, no more.
BTW I enjoy your videos, keep 'um coming

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