Photo of meat at Winners BBQ

Selection of smoked meats at Winners BBQ in Cedar Hill, sliced brisket, sausage, baby back ribs & chopped brisket.

The Posse gathered recently at Winners BBQ in Cedar Hill, anxious to see if my impressions from a visit a few weeks earlier would hold. Owners De’Andre and Maegan Jackson had just opened their second location three weeks earlier when I dropped in the first time in late April.

Posse pitmaster Marshall Cooper & I visited their Plano location in early April. We were very impressed. That led to my visit to Cedar Hill and then our gathering of 10 Posse members several weeks later.

The Jacksons may have hit a BBQ goldmine by opening in Cedar Hill. They did research for a year before opening their first joint in Plano, the same with opening in Cedar Hill two years later. We consider this area as a BBQ desert and judging any their lines the Jacksons were spot on.

Here's some feedback from the Posse from our visit.

Jim Rossman:

I thought the meat at Winner's BBQ in Cedar Hill was right on the money. Cooked well, just the right texture and really moist. A sprinkling of rub just before serving really brightened up the flavors. Ribs were the star, but the brisket was fantastic as well.

Nice joint in a pretty new development, the huge wood-fired pit in the kitchen really puts some great smoke on the meat. I've been to their place in Plano and they've got both locations dialed in. I think I've got a couple new places to put on my lunch rotation.

Marshall Cooper:

Winners BBQ is obviously well organized & friendly family owned & operated business. It is a destination point location that is as busy as I have ever seen. The BBQ & service was really as solid as it gets. I wanted to go back for more loin backs but the line never let up. Next time I’ll get there early & load up. Go, they have it.

Darrell Byers:

What Marshall said. . .Brisket was solid, ribs were spot on -- could have, should have, loaded up.

Tom Fox:

It was a winner in my book. Got the taste of those ribs on my mind as I worked up these photos. Can't get it out.  Can only smell my fingers which still have a small bit of that yummy goodness.

Winners BBQ-Cedar Hill, 1435 US-67, Cedar Hill, (972) 293-5899. Open Fri-Sun noon-6pm or until the meat runs out.

Winners BBQ-Plano3200 14th St, Plano, (972) 424-2400. Open Tues-Thurs 11am-3pm, Fri-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 12pm-6pm or until the meat runs out (same for all closing times)  Website:

Photo of Winners BBQ pitmaster De'Andre Jackson

Owner & pitmaster De'Andre Jackson sprinkles rub on meats on the cutting board at Winners BBQ. (Photo ©Tom Fox)

Photo of meats on the pit at Winners BBQ

Smoked chicken, baby back ribs and sausage on the main smoker at Winners BBQ. (Photo ©Tom Fox)

Photo of ribs at Winners BBQ in Cedar Hill

Pitmaster De'Andre Jackson slices baby back pork ribs at Winners BBQ. (Photo ©Tom Fox)

Photo of the line at Winners BBQ

Customers order from a steady line at Winners BBQ in Cedar Hill. (Photo ©Tom Fox)

Photo of Posse members at Winners BBQ

Posse members visit the kitchen at Winners BBQ. Left to right: Darrell Byers, Chris Wilkins, Jonathan Wilkins, Marshall Cooper & Jim Rossman. (Photo ©Tom Fox)

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