Christmas gift guide

With Christmas fast approaching, we reached out to the Posse’s backyard pitmasters for suggestions of their favorite cooking tools so we could assemble this BBQ gift guide. Here are some ideas for the pitmaster in your family.

1. ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

This is the probe thermometer that all the others are judged by. It may cost a little more that some others, but its accuracy & durability are unquestioned by professional cooks. Phil Lamb calls the Thermapen his “favorite piece of grilling equipment.”
--Marshall Cooper & Phil Lamb

2. Dexter Sani-Safe 12” Scalloped Roast Slicer Knife

This is the go-to knife used by many pitmasters, including Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue and Todd David of Cattleack Barbeque. Very affordable as well.
--Jim Rossman

3. Frogmats Non Stick Grill Mat

These non-stick mats come highly recommended by Posse pitmaster Marshall Cooper. They will will keep whatever you’re cooking from falling between the grates of your grill or smoker. You can put them in the dishwasher afterwards for an easy clean up.
--Marshall Cooper

4. ThermoWorks Smoke thermometer

Great gift for your backyard pitmaster, here’s Jim Rossman’s review of the kit from earlier this year. Add their new Smoke WiFi Gateway to see temperatures from the probe on your smartphone.
--Jim Rossman

5. Finex cast iron skillet

Finex calls its cast iron skillet “the most versatile pan you’ll ever own.” You’ll get no argument from the Posse’s Phil Lamb. He prefers the 12” model, but the skillet also comes in smaller sizes as well.
--Phil Lamb

6. ThermoWorks DOT Alarm Thermometer

As you can tell, Posse members are huge fans of ThermoWorks gear. This simple probe-style thermometer is highly accurate and affordable as well.
--Marshall Cooper


7. Searzall Torch Attachment

This handy tool produces a consistent, evenly spread flame that provides a professional quality finish to meats and other food items.
--Phil Lamb

8. Oren 24" Pink butcher paper rolls

Order the exact butcher paper used to wrap briskets by the top pitmasters in Texas BBQ. Here's Posse pitmaster Marshall Cooper's guide & video on wrapping briskets the real Texas way.
--Chris Wilkins

9. Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling

If the pitmaster in your family is going to own just one BBQ book, this is it. Nobody beats Meathead Goldwyn, who also runs, for understanding the science behind the cooking.
--Gary Jacobson

10. Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5

Easy to use and capable of turning out championship quality smoked meat, my Smokey Mountain 22.5 has given me years of great service and I expect many more.
--Gary Jacobson

Marshall Cooper

6 years ago

Hey I recognize that brisket

Cheryl Butler

5 years ago

i am looking to replace a pair of oven/grilling mits.They are ribbed, grey, just a bil higher than wrist in length,, heavy duty silicone, say deXas on the cuff and are GREAT. i cannot find any, anywhere, but these have split along the seam and need replacing.

Chris Wilkins

5 years ago

Hi Cheryl: I found a website for DeXas, but it looks like they no longer stock the mitt. Here's the link, they have some cook stuff on the: Thanks/Chris

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