Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is fast approaching, do you need some gift ideas for the pitmaster in your family? Here are some recommendations from the Posse’s backyard cooks, including a couple of fun non-traditional tools to add to someone's cooking repertoire. Happy Dad’s Day to you & yours from the Posse.

1. Texas BBQ, Small Town to Downtown, by Wyatt McSpadden
Wyatt McSpadden, named by the Posse as the "Godfather of BBQ Photography," is publishing his second book on Texas barbecue culture, coming out in late June. You can pre-order the new book from Amazon, add Wyatt's first book Texas BBQ and you'll have the set.
---Chris Wilkins

2. ThermoPop pocket thermometer
ThermoWorks sets the standard for probe thermometers, their products are a favorite of the Posse's backyard pitmasters. The ThermoPop is an affordable pocket thermometer, with the accuracy and durability you expect from the company.
---Chris Wilkins

3. Barbecue Wife Margarita & Bloody Mary mixes
Man can not live by barbecue alone, so the Barbecue Wife offers hand-crafted Bloody Mary & Margarita mixers. Catherine Stiles (yes, she really is a BBQ wife) combines all natural ingredients to make two of the best mixers we've tried.
---Chris Wilkins

4. Best of BBQ meals from FoodyDirect
You can't always drive to Lockhart or Lexington, so FoodyDirect is the next best thing as they offer BBQ meals from top joints. Texas is represented by Snow's BBQ, Black's Barbecue and la Barbecue, but FoodyDirect also offers meals from 11 other BBQ restaurants around the country.
---Chris Wilkins

5. Wagu beef from Snake River Farms
Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch have been offering top quality meats since 1968. If you want to order Snake River Farms meats at a Texas BBQ joint, you'll have to go to Killen's Barbecue in Pearland, they hold an exclusive due to the outrageous amount of product they buy each year.  But any backyard pitmaster anywhere can order a Wagyu brisket to smoke in their own backyard.
---Chris Wilkins

6. Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker
The Posse recently had a spirited debate on sous vide cooking. Long-time Posse member Mike Gibson says, "I think sous vide could translate well to overall cooking too and could be paired easily with BBQ-ing. I have one and absolutely love it. It's a game changer."
---Mike Gibson

Father's Day Gift Guide

7. Victorinox Cimeter Knife
A sharp knife is a must for any pitmaster. Posse pitmaster Marshall Cooper raves about these cimeter knives, “they’re great & sharp as hell.”
---Marshall Cooper

8. Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Oven
“Not exactly BBQ, but backyard cooking, and I love this thing. Another thing that Uuni pizza oven is great for--the reverse sear. Cook meat rare sous vide then finish with a couple minutes in  cast-iron pan in the oven at 930 degrees.”
---Mark Vamos

9. Gateway Drum Smoker
“These Gateway drum smokers are really a hot item with many BBQ people all over the world. They appear to be displacing many grills, smokers and pits.”
---Marshall Cooper

10. The Secrets to Great Charcoal Grilling on the Weber, by Bill Gillespie
Posse co-founder Gary Jacobson recently reviewed Bill Gillespie's new Weber cooking book. "If you don’t have any grilling/barbecue books, Bill Gillespie’s new book is a good place to start. His last book, Secrets to Smoking on Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker and other Smokers, has more than 100,000 copies in print, according to the publisher, so he has lots of fans."
---Gary Jacobson

11. BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 Kit for Big Green Egg
“I’ve had this for my BGE for about 5 years now and swear by it. So nice to be able to get a good night's sleep in the midst of an overnight cook...For the golfers among us, it's the barbecue equivalent of the belly putter.”
---Darren Carroll

12. Thermapen Mk4 Thermometer
Simply put, this is the gold standard of probe thermometers. You might pay less, but ThermoWorks quality & accuracy will not be surpassed. The Thermapen Mk4 thermometer is what the pros carry in their pocket.
---Chris Wilkins

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