2M Smokehouse

Josh Johnson, left, and friend Cooper Furlong dig into pork ribs at 2M Smokehouse in San Antonio. (Photo ©Tom Fox)

Over a decade on the barbecue trail, the Texas BBQ Posse has seen a lot of things. But we ran into a first last Saturday during a visit to 2M Smokehouse in San Antonio: A couple of young guys fueling up on smoked meat before their two thousand mile road trip to Oregon.

Talk about a cross country adventure.

Cooper Furlong of San Antonio and his friend Josh Johnson of Los Angeles arrived at 2M Smokehouse at 8 a.m. and were first in line. The next customers arrived at 9:45 a.m., they told the Posse’s Tom Fox, who shot photos of Furlong, Johnson and their food.

When 2M opened at 11 a.m., Furlong and Cooper ordered pork ribs, brisket, turkey, burnt ends and with Cooper’s mom — we think — more turkey and some sides. Total cost: about $140, which mom paid.

They ate what they could at 2M and packaged up the leftovers to eat on the road.

On the their trays, initially, were five pork ribs. By our calculation, that works out to about 400 miles to the rib on a journey from South Texas to the Beaver State. Pretty good mileage.

Safe travels Cooper and Josh. We’re anxious to learn if you find any comparable barbecue on this road trip to the setting sun. We’re betting you don’t.

2M Smokehouse, 2731 S WW White Rd,, San Antonio, (210) 885-9352. Open Thurs-Sun 11am-4pm or when the meat runs out. Website: www.2msmokehouse.com

2M Smokehouse

Josh Johnson and Cooper Furlong's lunch for the road at 2M Smokehouse. (Photo ©Tom Fox)



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